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I just love photography, don't you?
Sure, I love the gear, the toys, looking at the world through a viewfinder and yes I love finding that perfect shot and snapping the shutter, know that "I got it".

But even more than that, I love the final product. I love having that moment frozen for all time, just sitting there, waiting for me to enjoy it yet again - maybe for the hundredth time. And how many things can do that for us, give us joy time and again? If it does, I say Photograph it!

Because having an image, a scene, a time that can transport us immediately to feelings of joy and happiness is such a gift.

And as our lives grow fuller and longer, these frozen moments begin to tell a story. Your story. They come together to show a life well lived. A life you can share with your family and friends through this wonderful medium called Photography.

So if you have someone or something that you would like to add to the Story of Your Life, contact me by e-mail (below), phone and we will work out the perfect package for you.

Thanks for stopping by,

Betsy Dougherty, Photographer

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